Carlos Arias Delgado is a self-acknowledged lifelong learner. A bookish man at heart, his first love has always been science. His friends have noted that he has always been a great student, eager to not only take in information, but share it and apply it in a way that could elevate the lives of others.

Cosmology is the area in which Carlos is most fascinated. The study of the origins and evolutionary trajectory of the universe, cosmology transcends the the false binaries of our society. It eclipses any and all adherences to social status, class or creed. It shames the trivial and exalts the mysterious. Cosmology, in a word, unifies us in the unknown.

Many ask why such a study is important at all, and on the surface, it’s a good question. After all, what is the meaning of mulling over constant universal expansion, when so many of our earth’s hungry experience the constant pangs of a shrinking stomach? Simply put, studying the cosmos spurs the thought of more fields than you may think– astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, physics, and religion are but a handful of social and academic studies that owe their development to the constant pursuit of original explanation. Cosmology provides us with a wellspring of questions and critical thought, which, when confronted, spell progress for humanity.

Carlos Delgado knows that confronting the unknown can be intimidating , but necessary. And he couldn’t be happier with the way science is progressing and settling in our cultural mind. For example, Neil Degrasse Tyson brought a new incarnation of Carl Sagan’s 1980’s classic Cosmos roaring into the new millenium. This undoubtedly piqued the curiosity and thoughts of many young and ambitious scientists.

For Carlos, the Cosmos are an inspiration to look past the superficialities of life on earth and contribute something. And for him, that something is the duty of engineering new ways to keep his fellow man and woman safe, healthy, and happy.